About Us

Corey Jacobs began his professional journey in New York during the 1990s. His marketing, merchandising and events business Butt Naked Entertainment was paramount in establishing today’s hip-hop culture.

In 1998, Corey was sentenced to serve an appalling 16 consecutive life sentences in Federal Prison for a firsttime, non-violent drug offense. Corey Jacobs was buried alive.

Dejected by the reality of these harsh circumstances, it was during his time served at Pollock, Louisiana, where Corey would decide to shift his perspective and maintain faith that fair and honorable justice will someday return him to the arms of his loved ones.

After 18 years served, Mr. Jacobs found a pathway out of prison via granted Clemency by President Barack Obama following overwhelming support for Corey’s release by Attorney General Eric Holder Jr, the public, and even the judge who handed down the initial sentencing. Corey Jacobs was awarded his freedom.

It was through these experiences that Corey wanted to build a foundation focused on bringing fair justice to those serving sentences under these same outdated federal drug mandates that he fell under. Jacobs’ non-profit organization is something that means a great deal to him. The Buried Alive Project seeks to eliminate life sentences without parole for non-violent drug offenses. The organization was co-founded by Mr. Jacobs along with Amazon best-selling author, acclaimed attorney, Brittany K. Barnett and human rights advocate, Sharanda Jones.

In a short time, the Buried Alive Project has successfully freed over 60 men and women in similar circumstances. They continue their great work with confidence and passion.

An entrepreneur with purpose, a committed humanitarian, and a driving force in transformative litigation and legislation, as well as a celebrated entertainment consultant with an already cemented legacy, Jacobs wanted to turn his life around and did so on a scale that is nothing short of inspiring and exemplary.

Now, founder of the Corey Jacobs Group, a diverse business portfolio spanning across digital and broadcast media, creative development, licensing, talent acquisition and management, including exclusive global partnership deals in product advertising and placement, Mr. Jacobs has designed a conglomerate that operates self-sufficiently, yet encouragingly models itself around togetherness, inclusivity and collaboration. These are key values echoed by the company’s overarching message — “We Are Stronger Together”.

A respected senior advisor to business-mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, Corey Jacobs holds a highly sort-after repertoire unlike many others. Further to his shared endeavors with Mr. Combs, Mr. Jacobs was appointed Special Advisor to the multi-million-dollar Play VS E-Sports League, and is Corey Jacobs began his professional journey in New York during the 1990s. He's been instrumental of boosting the careers and visibility of talented individuals, from hip-hop artists such as recent Oprah Winfrey interviewee, Yello Pain to educators like wildlife connoisseur and personality The Real Tarzann. Corey Jacobs is a results-oriented entrepreneur with a common goal — cultural equity throughout all of his enterprises. 

Today, Corey Jacobs celebrates being truly free and is on a mission to continue his impressive career and status as an idea generator. More importantly, he is a social justice warrior calling for some long-overdue changes. For those who are marginalized, Jacobs is a powerful voice with an equally powerful mantra — “You can’t cage determination.”