Winnergy's Going World Initiative: Uniting for Impact Across Africa

Winnergy's Going World Initiative: Uniting for Impact Across Africa

In a world where global challenges persist, Winnergy's Going World initiative stands out as a beacon of hope, connecting nations and fostering impactful change through philanthropy. This extraordinary journey transcends borders, weaving a tapestry of transformation and empowerment across diverse communities.
Winnergy's Going World Initiative

Corey Jacobs, the founder and CEO of Winnergy, leads with a track record of strategic development, marketing, and philanthropy. His vision encompasses multi-million dollar acquisitions, financial literacy partnerships, and a commitment to uplifting underprivileged communities globally. 

His initiative Winnergy Going World brings together a coalition of different organizations under one umbrella, aiming to create a significant impact across the African continent. 

Leveraging the potent synergy of sports, education, and community engagement, this initiative aspires not only to alter lives but to fundamentally reshape their futures in its entirety.

Afrikicks, with its mission to provide essential necessities like shoes and clean water, and The Gift of Chess, committed to expanding opportunities through the universal language of chess by distributing 1,000,000 chess sets globally by 2030.  By connecting minds and transforming lives, chess becomes a catalyst for opening doors to new opportunities breaking down barriers and helping in fostering connections across diverse communities.


Uniting for Impact Across Africa


Tackling the issue of recidivism in Ghana, The Buried Alive Project will address the challenges faced by those who have undergone rehabilitation programs. In addition to high recidivism rates, Ghana's prisons grapple with squalid conditions, poor food quality, and overcrowding. This project advocates for reforms and works towards breaking the cycle of reoffending in the Ghanaian criminal justice system.


Going World Initiative


Winnergy invites you to become a sponsor of this global movement. 


By supporting the Winnergy Going World initiative, you're not only endorsing a project but becoming a part of a transformative cause that combines the joy of sport, the power of education, and the strength of community. Your sponsorship provides meaningful visibility and association with a cause poised to make a lasting impact.


Your support not only helps us reach ambitious goals but also will provide your brand with meaningful visibility showcasing your commitment to social impact that goes beyond financial returns.


Winnergy's Going World initiative is more than a project; it's a commitment to uplifting, empowering, and transforming communities globally. 


Join us in this journey where each participant, each sponsor, contributes to a positive change that echoes across borders and resonates with the collective power to make a real, lasting impact.


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