Unleashing the Power of Winnergy: An Exclusive Interview of Corey Jacobs

Unleashing the Power of Winnergy: An Exclusive Interview of Corey Jacobs

In a captivating interview at the InvestFest event, Corey Jacobs and founder of Winnergy, shared insights into the essence of Winnergy and the principles that drive success.
Corey describes Winnergy as more than just a brand; it's a mindset and energy that fuels success under any circumstance. It embodies the idea of avoiding excuses and radiating positive energy in every room. Winnergy is about celebrating others, fostering a desire to see everyone succeed, and actively participating in each other's victories.

As a thought leader, Corey emphasizes the importance of authenticity and truth in personal and professional relationships. Winnergy, according to Jacobs, comes from within and thrives on being genuine, both to others and, most importantly, to oneself. The value of having people who speak the truth and provide unwavering support is crucial, especially in the fast-paced world of running a billion-dollar company.

Corey Jacobs shares a valuable tip for life transformation:

"Don't take life for granted."

He urges individuals to live in the present, embracing the journey and the process of creating something extraordinary. The focus should not solely be on the end game but on enjoying and valuing every moment and the people around us.

He emphasizes that Winnergy isn't just a brand; it's forging a global community of winners.

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