The Power of a Goal-Conscious Mind: Corey Jacobs' Journey to Freedom

The Power of a Goal-Conscious Mind: Corey Jacobs' Journey to Freedom

In a captivating conversation between Jarek Tadla and Corey Jacobs, they explore the extraordinary power of a goal-conscious mind.



Corey shares how his unwavering focus on his goal of freedom became the driving force behind his routines to maintain sanity and stay locked in on his path to redemption.

Corey introduces the concept of the "goal-conscious mind," a term he coined during his transformative journey. This mindset classifies anything conflicting with one's goal as an adversary. Whether dealing with simple interactions in the prison environment or making more complex choices, Corey's commitment to avoiding anything that hinders progress highlights the strength of a goal-conscious mind.

The term "Winnergy" showcases Corey's ability to create empowering phrases that encapsulate mindset. The journey to a goal-conscious mind wasn't instantaneous for Corey; it took years of discipline, self-reflection, and learning to discern what contributes to the end goal of freedom.

Corey's narrative sheds light on the daily challenges a person faces and the choices he makes to ensure alignment with his aspirations. Therefore, his story serves as an inspiration for those navigating their own paths, emphasizing the transformative potential of a mind consciously dedicated to a singular goal.

Corey also shared the intricacies of his routines and the mental framework that sustained him through adversity.

Corey's story is more than a tale of personal triumph; it stands as a testament to the potential within each of us to overcome challenges and achieve our most ambitious goals.


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