Entrepreneurship Evolves: Corey Jacobs, CEO of Winnergy LLC, on the Vital Link Between Success, Purpose, and Health

Entrepreneurship Evolves: Corey Jacobs, CEO of Winnergy LLC, on the Vital Link Between Success, Purpose, and Health

In a candid conversation with Jarek Tadla, Corey Jacobs, the CEO and founder of lifestyle brand Winnergy LLC, delves into the profound connection between success, purpose, and health in the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship. Jacobs emphasizes the shifting mindset among younger individuals who are achieving success and realizing that money alone isn't the ultimate answer to a fulfilling life.

Corey Jacobs, alongside Jarek Tadla

Quality of Life and Health as Cornerstones

Jacobs begins by highlighting the importance of quality of life and health, questioning, "If you don't have quality of life, if you don't have your health, what do you have?" He observes a growing trend where younger individuals are attaining success but recognizing that financial prosperity is not the sole solution to a meaningful existence. This realization has led many to engage in inner work and personal development, contributing to a brighter and more aware audience.

Purpose and Mission in Business Culture

The CEO notes that the focus on purpose and mission has become integral to the structure of businesses today. Drawing from his experience in hiring and vetting people, Jacobs emphasizes the desire for employees to find more than just a job; they seek a connection to a broader mission. He praises the approach taken by Sam Tejada, President and founder of Liquivida®, for building a business that aligns with promoting health and well-being. Jacobs finds fulfillment in contributing to a mission that encourages people to care about their future and quality of life.

Reflecting on the evolution of business culture, Jacobs remarks that it has changed significantly from when he initially entered the entrepreneurial scene. Today, it's not just about making money; it's about making a positive impact on people's lives. He applauds businesses that prioritize health and well-being, believing that what they put into the world will ultimately come back to benefit them.

The Paradox: Wealth Without Health

In a powerful statement, Jacobs underscores the paradox of wealth without health, stating, "You can have all the money in the world, but if you don't have quality of life or your health, what do you have?" He challenges the notion that financial success alone is sufficient for a fulfilling life and suggests that many individuals would willingly trade their wealth for an extended and healthy life.

Towards a Purpose-Driven Future: A Vision for Entrepreneurship

As the conversation unfolds, Jacobs concludes by expressing his commitment to a cause that not only brings financial success but also aligns with his personal values. He envisions a future where promoting health and well-being is not just a business strategy but a fundamental aspect of a purpose-driven and successful life.


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